Big goings-on at the Big Pink Studio, Fare, Huahine, FP with auditions in full swing for another Inky Binky movie.

Big rains this week but with some spectacular sunsets.



A beach bum always needs a Beach Bar and ours is Te Marara aka The Huahine Yacht Club.  TikiBar

We tried to go for Valentines Day but the rest of Huahine beat us to it with all tables reserved for a mixed grill and white beans.


We went last night instead and enjoyed sashimi avec riz and cheese burger avec frites.

BeachBun 2014

Lots of Hinano beer too.


7 responses

  1. Is this a sea crab or mangrove crab. Mangrove crabs are considered delicacies in Micronesia. Pookey Ookey says the crab is cute but not as cute as she is

  2. Red turtleneck, red skirt, red tights and crab claws collected from the beach on my fingers…I am ready for my audition!

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