Who am I?

I have always loved travel writing and one of my favorite books on this subject is The Art of Travel  by Alain de Botton. I also love islands. I enjoy making images. I intend to post writing and images frequently in the next few months as I resume my Huahine life.  I have jokingly called myself “a beach bum with a camera” but I know that beach bum has very negative connotations for just about anyone except my immediate family. I do not consider myself a drifter, a loafer, or an idler. I do consider myself someone who still needs to learn lessons about staying in the present, holding worry at bay, conquering negative thoughts, and understanding how to live simply and without judgement.

I am Sally Cloninger. I reside in Olympia, Washington U.S.A. when I am not traveling.

If you would like to view some of my other films or learn more about my work, please visit my VIMEO page or my website.

30 frames of crab.

30 frames of crab

Click on me, s’il vous plait.

2 responses

  1. Sally, your entries are touching. You bring alive the climate, the ambience, and the everyday richness of breathing deep, loving the water, and enjoying your Huahini friends each time. Good to see Walter relaxed and happy with you. Brilliant escape from gray. Love to you three islanders. Aue Aue, Aloha, and Cheers. xxxx Sandie

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