On the Journey

IMG_1889It is Sunday morning in Huahine. A little later than usual we took our walk to Fare and the Sunday market.  We found coco bread, poulet au citron, and two neems (fresh egg rolls).  Fare was quiet and I wondered if less people were around because of the chikungunya outbreak (regretably, the subject of most of our conversations). I joked in my last post, “Becoming the Mosquito” that I might be restricted to making all my Inky Binkies from inside of the house.

I remember something that I read in Alain De Botton’s book, The Art of Travel that I mentioned in the very first post I wrote for this blog (About: Who Am I?). I am sure Virgina Darney will remember this story from the Islands program. De Botton describes a book by Xavier de Maitre about room travel that made him famous in 1790. Journey around my Bedroom begins well: de Maistre locks his door and changes into his pink-and-blue pajamas. With no need of luggage he travels to his sofa…

De Maistre’s book (available free on line in translation) suggests that the  pleasure we derive from a journey may be dependent more on the mind-set we travel with than on the destination we travel to. If we could only apply this mind-set to our own locales, we might find these places becoming no less interesting than the beaches of Huahine.

As Marilyn and I contemplate the next steps on this journey, I decided this morning to apply some of these thoughts to a new Inky Binky that I offer here:

De Botton concludes his book (The Art of Travel) with this line: “Xavier de Maistre was gently nudging us to try, before taking off for distant hemispheres, to notice what we have already seen.”

NOTE: While I worked on Journey Around My House, Marilyn worked on this drawing, Chikungunya Visitor.Chikungunya Visitor

Finally, I want to share the Jenny Kuperman painting I purchased yesterday, “Molly My Love.” I already wrote about this on Facebook but it is such a cheerful and loving image that I think this Sunday meditation will benefit from the painting’s essence and spirit.Molly My Love

5 responses

  1. I LOVE this Inky Binky! And also the blue face of the Chikungunya carrier.

    Here is the latest on Chikungunya released three days ago. Washington University School of Medicine.

    “A mosquito-borne virus that has spread to the Caribbean and Central and South America and has caused isolated infections in Florida often causes joint pain and swelling similar to that seen in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis also found that blood tests of patients with the Chikungunya virus and those with rheumatoid arthritis can produce similar results. This may lead some patients with the virus to be misdiagnosed.”

    XoXoXoX to both of you,

    Lynda B.

  2. As a New York blizzard looms in the horizon; I’ll welcome that colorful mosquito so colorful and vivid and a sunny afternoon with Marilyn and Sally what could be bad!!

  3. So much food for thought you have sent out there. Over the years ,after returning home from a journey, I realize what a beautiful world I have right here at home; but I am still ready to go again given the time and means.
    Judith is right on; you are the “masters of fruitful orientation. The art, Marilyn, and Sal the narrative and art. You give me much pleasure in the depth of our winter.

  4. Good quote Judith. I could join in this exchange but I’m sure we all understand how place and the moment are the most compelling challenges of all. Still, love hearing you remember again what you learned long ago….and having the wisdom to apply it to where you are right now. Thanks so much.

  5. ” On how one orients himself (herself) to the moment, ” Henry Miller wrote in reflecting on the art of living “depends on the failure or fruitfulness of it.” The art of orienting ourselves–to the moment, even in our own rooms—is the most elusive art of all. You two are masters of fruitful orientation!!
    Love the art work!
    Judith xoxo

    ps Friendly bats, rosemary sprigs on the bbq, CO2 traps, papaya leaf poultice…just a few possible mosquito charms….

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