Becoming the Mosquito

We knew before we left for Huahine that French Polynesia was in the throes of a chikungunya outbreak (a mosquito-borne virus that was first identified in Africa in 1952 and more recently, has arrived in the Caribbean and even a few parts of the Southern USA). We both were chastened and I did all sorts of research about how to prevent it, concluding that if we use plenty of repellent, burn mosquito coils, and follow other mosquito dodging procedures such as an exterior fan, we should be okay.  Many of our friends and their families have had chikungunya but not all.  I first decided I would not even mention this in the Beach Bum blog but then of course, my mama, Janet knows all about it and just says, “don’t worry,” so I decided to broach the subject.

Yesterday I was beginning to think that all my Inky Binky films would have to be shot from inside of the house. (I do not still hold this opinion). At the same time, Marilyn was thinking about textures and looking for some models and happened to examine an interesting image that is the basis for the film, Becoming the Mosquito.

She also did a good amount of the shooting and spurred me on as I edited it this morning.  The soundtrack is beholden in part to Amélie-les-crayons’ wonderful tune, “Marchons” that I borrowed for this Inky Binky film.

Fortunately, we have not seen much of this little monster who comes out in the daytime and seems put off by the ocean-front environs that we inhabit.

12 responses

  1. Kaleidic beauty fluttering, free, busy. How lovely a gift. And with a French soundtrack. Marvelous. Love you!

  2. Creative movement, sound, fun inspired via the dreaded beastie. Curious watery dance with blinks of water umbrella maybe a fence, table. Loving it, Duo Huahini. Thank you. xxoo

  3. Just saw the film. Love it. Love the sound track. A bit ominous/but quite light at the same time. Hurrah.

  4. I havent figured out how to see the film yet BUT remember vanilla is good mosquito repellent….see internet / google: “Soybean oil, vanillin and coconut oil have also been proven to extend the protection time of natural bug repellents with essential oils ” I have a couple of friends who use it all the time…successfully. AND you are in the best place in the world to get vanilla.

  5. weird and wondrous
    warped shaped through glass block
    protects from ocean breezes
    no prick of skin or drop of blood
    but what fun, these two people, what fun!

  6. I love it, the fluid shape shifting as the mosquito darts about
    such a fascinating eye he has

    many thanks, xx, sophia greys are beautiful

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