First Evening

Near sunset (1.18.2015). The beach says, “Maeva,  Sally and Marilyn.”

Now morning and we have already been to the market.  Breakfast of pain au chocolat and baquette with apricot jam, green tea, and Ethiopian coffee. The day is bright and clear.  There is nothing like a good, full night of sleep to reclaim one’s equilibrium. Nothing much has changed except the beach chairs (now a combination of Star Trek and mid-century modern : photo will follow), the absence of seat cushions for the twelve outdoor chairs, and the addition of a small blower to blow sand and leaves off the deck. That sunset image looks foreboding but Huahine is filled with sunshine this morning.This Morning






View from our veranda.

Path to Fare





Path to Fare and the market.

Mosquito coils burning, smeared with sunblock and insect repellant….time for a swim.


8 responses

  1. Oh to be with the two of you! Instead I’m starting the semester tomorrow, which is it’s own kind of freaky tidal paradise. Missing you both and sending love. I think of you both every single day.

  2. You must have sent good weather our way as it has been sunny all day. Pookie is very happy with it, as am I. XOX

  3. AhhhhhhI feel the beach sand sun..old friends
    Enjoy and thanks for sharing your ride in the trpics.
    Love you Karen

  4. o, i think john and i are going to have to make it there for a vacation.
    where should we stay?
    love following your adventures. love to you both!

  5. Beautiful! First day just perfect. Keep pics and news coming. Love, mama

    Sent from my iPad


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