à bientôt

As most of you know already, we depart for home tomorrow (January 31) a bit early.  We have had an interesting two weeks to say the least. We had no idea that Francine would get the pizza franchise here but alas, we will have to ask her to make us pizza at home.Pizza
Goodbye and thank you to our good friends here, and to the old beach house (aka the Big Pink).House PanoThank you too to the venders that sold us pineapples and mangoes, papayas and neem, chao pao and poulet bouchon, tuna and swordfish, coco bread and pain au chocolat, Tahitian rum and pineapple juice, and of course, lentils.
Thank you for the time we had together (despite the rain and the mozzies) to reflect, to swim, to meditate, to make images (both moving and 2D) and to even begin a little painted animation collaboration that we will finish next week (I hope) on our own kitchen table.Tableà bientôt means (for you few non-French speakers) both “see you soon” and “good-bye” which seems particularly appropriate.
Until then…

3 responses

  1. Oh my gosh…. I can quit burning citronella candles in your names! Have a safe trip home to your industrious Francine. She is a marketing genius!
    Bon Voyage! xoxo

  2. Fly in a sense of luxurious safety and comfort. It’s foggy and cold here, very romantic.
    We are (as noted) happy we’ll be getting you back soon. big hugs.

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