We are on our way to Huahine and I am continuing the blog that I began in January 2013.  “Maeva” not only means “welcome” in Tahitian but is also the name of the original village on Huahine and the location of the Fare Potee where Dorothy Levy is once again in charge with a wonderful vision for community involvement and cultural preservation.  This footage was shot in 2013 but just recently edited to acknowledge our return.  It is 10 years since we first visited Huahine as part of the Islands program at The Evergreen  State College.  Each trip brings its own discoveries and lessons.  If you want to receive an email when I post a new entry, simply hit the follow button (located at the lower right corner or on top depending on your browser) and add your email. You can also unfollow the same way.  As before, I return to this blog especially for my mama, Janet who was one of the original Huahine Hotties in 2004. You can expect more stories and hopefully, even a few new Inky Binky films. Pork Chop, here we come.