Off Again to Huahine

The Beach Bum With A Camera will be back in Huahine on Sunday, January 18. I intend to continue to publish this blog which I started in 2013. I write first and foremost for my mama, Janet but am very glad that many of my friends and acquaintances have come to enjoy these posts.

Sally and Janet on the veranda of The Big Pink, March 2004.

Marilyn and I made our first trip to Huahine eleven years ago (as part of the Islands program that Jin Darney and I were teaching at The Evergreen State College) and Janet was among the original Huahine Hotties. Many things have changed since then. For instance, 1. we are all eleven years older (Janet will actually hit 90 this May!), 2. Tsing Tsing erected a big metal fence on that wall to provide more “security,” and 3. I can play a little Tahitian ukelele.  Some things have not changed: 1. I am actually taking that dress I am wearing in the photo with me on this trip, 2. I  look forward to spending time with my original friends from that time  as well as new ones made over the years, and 3. my French is still at the junior high level.  Oh dear.

I intend to attempt one or two Inky Binky films again, so stay tuned. I have scaled down my equipment after much deliberation but that does not mean that my carry on luggage is within the weight restrictions on Air Tahiti.  We are actually completely packed and ready to go. If you wish to receive emails when I add a new post, do follow this blog by clicking follow in the lower right corner and adding your email.  And remember, my email announcements only contain part of the post so if I put up a film or time lapse or photo essay, you will have to go to this actual site to the see and read whole thing.