RAGA | The Spotted Eagle Ray

Earlier this week Dorothy took Marilyn and I on a visit to a little complex she is restoring and managing.  A living/work area soon to be available for rent with an island design that has separate living quarters, a sleeping area, and bath.  Here she is telling us about her plans to establish a place to rent to artists, surfers, small groups who would like a more casual and traditional experience on Huahine.


The fare is sheltered by an banyan that was planted by an early queen of Huahine. Later, we sat on the dock in front of the property (the place where the launch from Te Tiare picks up visitors) and while we were chatting, three spotted eagle rays joined us.

So here is Raga | The Spotted Eagle Ray, the first of my short video pieces on this trip.

Lynda Barry named this series, INKY BINKY FILMS last year when she saw the hermit crab piece, Where Ever I Go. I liked that concept very much and the name has stuck. (Note: I consider the time lapse pieces and other experiments in a separate category; you can expect more of them as well.)

Finally, if you are somewhere out in the middle of the Pacific or with a slow internet connection, you need to wait until the film loads partially so it will play smoothly.