Bounty as in Mutiny on the: I am very fortunate that I did not discover this absolutely delectable ice cream treat any earlier in our stay (we have been here 27 days) but watch out. Imagine the best coconut ice cream you have ever eaten covered with delicious chocolate. Oh dear.20130130-165708.jpg

New treats emerge everyday. Yesterday I was introduced to the healing properties of soursop, a fruit that has anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial features. Dorothy instructed me how to prepare the soursop for a smoothie. Here I am wrestling with the pulpy and slimy insides (I know it looks like I am handling a cauliflower) and squeezing the black seeds out of the pods. I made the soursop smoothie with mango juice for breakfast and it was quite good.


I came with 20 tubes of gouache, paper and brushes intending to do this:20130110-162247.jpg

Instead, I am doing this:

More on this short video piece later when I get it edited which is no easy task on an iPad and a very old version of iMovie on a Macbook. What was I thinking?

Yesterday I was on the motu with Marty and Marilyn, collecting shells; Marilyn was casting the video piece. Wait for it.


Finally, I am just starting to think about teaching Ready Camera One this spring at Evergreen. I watch the news in Tahitian some nights, convincing myself that I actually know what is happening.


And that is the news for today.