On A Roll

We arrived yesterday to cloudy skies and lovely warm weather. I would not call this “sun-drenched” and perhaps Llyn is right. It might be time already to change the title of my blog. But it is so lovely to be here. For me it is as if the two years since we were here in 2011 have just disappeared. Of course things are different. Some grass has grown over part of the path to town. There is a new grill, a new table, new bowls, new beach chairs but these seem odd as again, I feel like time has stood still (and we all certainly know that this is not the case). M. and I woke at 4:00 AM. Around six we made a quick trip to the Mahi Mahi for fresh croissant and pain au chocolat. M. has already started setting up her drawing studio on the mezzanine. There is a fair amount of chop on the lagoon so the fishes will probably have to wait a day or two before they catch a glimpse of me.


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  1. Jenny,
    I try as much as possible to relax about doing nothing. I always have big plans and make a calendar but then just have to wait and see what transpires. Matisse once said (paraphrasing) one cannot do anything in Tahiti. It is just too easy and beautiful. I must find the exact quotation. M by the way does set a schedule and establish a very specific routine. She has already set up her studio.

  2. Do you ever have the urge to do nothing – as in sleep in, get up, sleep more? Do you need to create a schedule or set of expectations for output or ordered habits you will follow every day in order to make a reliable routine?

  3. Bon après-midi! So happy to follow your excellent adventure with this blog. Marilyn, you look ecstatic and radiant!! You must be standing on a very special spot. In fact, I am able to feel the energy all the way from Paradise to Puget Sound!
    Wishing that you both always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes.

  4. Because LLyn’s French is an illusion…
    Conconciousness. You’ve already conquered consciousness itself I see. I’m impressed and slightly envious. (I say this only because me is observing that LLyn is impressed and envious so Me may as well admit it and move on.)

  5. C’est tres bon! You all have such joie de vivre! It cracks me up! I greet the sun, the rain, the fish via you! Love the blog, Thank you! Rain here and birds at the feeder.

  6. Just a note to remind all that while Sally and Llyn enjoy their French exchanges you may speak in any language, and English is always good. It was pouring warm rain this morning and I sat under the gazebo with study books and coffee, puzzling over the word conconscious.

  7. So far looks like paradise and since I see alot of French in the “comment section” I will respond with “ala Fankulai” My mother-in-law Josie’s favorite toast to all that’s good.

  8. Bonne journee ou bonne soiree. Je ne sais pas. Il est maintenant dix sept heures, mais le ciel deja sombre. Comment allez vous? Je pense que vous devez etre bien. Maintenant, je dois aller chercher le poste. Je crains un ciel fraise. jusqu’a demain. Bonjour a mes amis.

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