Himene on a Rainy Day

Yesterday we went to church in Maeva, said to have the best singers and the most “soul.” It was another rainy day in Huahine.


(No, I am not complaining and yes, I know that many of you are “fiu”* with snow and ice and polar blasts).

Here is the sweet, little church from a bridge on the way to the motu. Notice the ancient fish trap right out in front.ChurchFishTrap

We drove out little car to Maeva and parked right in front, waiting patiently for the service which began at 11:00. A relatively small congregation was in attendance but as predicted some great singers were there as well as a lovely brown dog who joined his mistress for the service and knew to stand every time the congregation stood and began to sing.ChurchMLSWP

I recorded a few himene on my iPhone, always a little self conscious about this. Usually something goes wrong with the recording after someone or something decides I have captured enough polyphonic melodies. In my opinion this “spirit” simply effects my equipment at some point and I start to not get recordings. Of course I cannot rule out “operator error” but today was no different and after three recordings, it was clearly time to stop.  Here is one short himene for your delectation:


Production Still by Marilyn Frasca

*please see my “Discourse on Fiu” for more information about this Tahitian concept.