Aue Aue

The Wave
Self Portrait  2.26.2014

The title of this post (Aue Aue) is used as an interjection in Polynesia to express emotional reaction (as sorrow, surprise, or affection). Yesterday (Wednesday, February 26)  had qualities of a dream and was rich with metaphor.

We finally were able to take our snorkel trip with Captain Annie, a lovely French expat who has been teaching diving and guiding for 17 years in Huahine.  Just the three of us and Annie took a ride outside the reef and then proceeded to a very lovely snorkel spot.

Capt. AnnieSalandCapt

On our way: we zipped past lush jungle, small crescent beaches, the green place and the occasional eagle ray.


Here at a small motu, the fishies were waiting for us.

“Aue Aue” is a stop action video of bits of the journey. Thanks as always to Gretchen Langheld for her beautiful music (a minute of “Samburu Dance”).

Later Walter and I did a little paddle board gymnastics. WalterBoard


In my journal this morning I wrote: “I also tried stand up paddle board for the first time. Exhausting and the photo documentation was certainly hideous (Note: I only supply an extreme long shot here) but I am glad I could actually take the challenge, stand up (on my own) and paddle forward. Let’s take that as a metaphor, shall we?”

You bet.