Here’s what happened: Walter, Marilyn and I were watching a documentary about the life and work of Harry Nilsson. Well, one thing led to another and soon we were producing an abbreviated cover of his tune, Coconut that was originally recorded in 1971.  Another challenge for the intrepid production team in Huahine.  Could we sync up Walter’s vocal, could we overdub the ukekele and drum parts, could we animate limes and coconuts and Walter? You will have to be the judge.

SO here it is:

As always, we like to share a few production stills provided by Marilyn Frasca.SallyCocoPrepSally preps for the big shoot.
WalterDance WooWoo
Walter gives his all.
Marty (expert coconut wrangler) gets out of the way.
Thank goodness, I brought those sandbags.
The other stars waiting for their close ups.

Best quotation on location by Marty: “I hope those limes don’t end up on the cutting room floor.”

Finally, here is a low resolution version of COCONUT if you are out here in the Pacific and have difficulty loading the HD version on my Vimeo channel.