The sun comes up, I think about you.

First morning to wake up on Huahine (and I woke up at 4:00 AM). Yesterday is a bit of a dream (including the magic Super Bowl) here in the tropics.

Here is a little time lapse I shot at dawn. I spent 46 minutes  standing on a ledge making sure my tripod was stable (one frame every five seconds with HDMotion on the iPhone). I am just getting acclimated to the climate, the ambiance, the heat, the feeling of this place. The title of this post is not original; instead, a line from a Stephen Sondeim tune (Follies). We walked into town before 6:00 AM for our once a day visit to the Super Fare (what Susan Christian has termed “the best supermarket in the world”). We left with long beans, two turquoise “noodles” for lagoon water aerobics and general lolling, two hum bau, a slice of local pate, a small bunch of bananas, some local cherry tomatoes, some local honey, some muesli and some garbanzo beans.

More soon of course, but this first post (in situ) is for my Marilyn.

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