Name Change

I wondered and worried when I called my blog, “A sun-drenched elsewhere” if I were tempting the gods.  With the second day of a tropical storm behind us that prediction has come to roost. Llyn warned me that the title was too 19th century.  I think it was too optimistic for what we in Huahine call the cyclonic season. Where we stay is simply known by all as “Huahine Beach House.”  Literally, any of you could simply arrive and ask to be taken to the “Huahine Beach House” and you would be delivered to our gate. Tsing Tsing even provided me with a small French car that states on its side in red, “Huahine Beach House.” So here is an image of  tropical rain and the small French car.

Rainy small French car

Can you see the driving rain  (pardon the pun)? Of course not. This is paradise.

Furthermore, I will call this jaunt what it is.

And yes, go Seahawks.  One of the only two English language channels we receive had the game on it today (the other channel is CNN International which by the way hardly ever refers to American politics, President Obama or the so-called fiscal cliff).

I interrupted dinner preparation (long bean salad, pork fried rice and shumai) to make this entry. It suddenly felt like an emergency.  Silly. Mais peut-être c’est vrai.

4 responses

  1. Love your blog, Sally. There you are, so there we are. At least it’s a tropical storm, and your skies still blue. Here gray, crisp, flashes of sunlight on water. Yesterday my first pause from holiday & family–settled in to Downton Abby 3 and check-ins on Seahawks. Today, back to Valley workout. Sweet to be able to follow you. The FB photo of M with sea in background, so telling… relaxed, content. xxoo

  2. Yes, Susan, we are no longer incognito (as if we ever were!). More pictures soon when the rain stops although I do have my underwater camera with me.

  3. More photos! More photos! But it’s wonderful to see the improved version of the household vehicle. Fancypants! And everyone can see exactly how to identify you and M as you tool around advertising Tsing Tsing’s success in finding excellent renters.

  4. il est très tard, mais je tiens à féliciter pour le changement de nom. Il ne faut pas tenter le destin.
    I only saw the first quarter then had to leave for Rossini rehearsal. Glad the team rallied.
    Je bois au paradis. xxxooo

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