Johnny Depp Is Coming to Lunch

Finally, the sunniest of days. Swimming before 8:00AM. Here are a few views of where we are now (as requested by some). Marilyn and I miss all our friends and family but do not miss the winter greys at all.


20130108-113621.jpgMarilyn tests flotation devices in the South Pacific.
House from the beach.
20130108-114555.jpgYellow boat arrives.

And that is the kind of day we are having.  Marilyn has spent time in her studio and I have practiced my ukelele.  Aside from the gecko poop, it is plenty spendid.

7 responses

  1. You don’t fool us. Johnny Depp is still there, occupying Walter’s room.
    Hi Johnneeeeeee!!! It’s me, Susan! Remember from 2011??? Remember? you don’t? Dang, Johnny…… you movie guys are all alike.

  2. As I sit here wondering how many layers of warm clothing and water proof protection I need for my daily walk I take great pleasure from looking at your blog. It is like a virtual vacation bringing sunshine to my eyes and a smile to my face! Merci beaucoup! You two are truly living the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words… “live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” Hurray!!

  3. You leave us all with envy. Not the glorious island; the warming sun; lunch with Depp; or even Sally’s music, but it’s the magnifcent smile on Marilyn’s face in every picture you send. Love you both, Diane

  4. Hello Girls! Johnny Depp…nice company. You are not missing much here weather wise – little rain, lots of wind, maybe snow! Love to you both ~ Wendy

  5. You don’t fool us. Johnny Depp has already been to lunch. He fixed coconut-laced curry and pineapple daiquiris, then leapt those white fences to surprise you. After a lively tete-a-tete, he belted back a few shots, shook his head at this fascinating duo, leapt
    back over the fences and called his yellow taxi cohorts to rush lickity-split out to the waiting ship. Depp had pirates to deal with. How lucky you are. Him too.

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