On the Motu

motu: One of a series of closely spaced coral islets separated by narrow channels; the group of isle.

The motu where we walk some mornings is a large one and on it one can find the airport, a marae, fish camps, melon farms, shells, coconuts shells that look like masks, etc. We can see the edge of the reef. The surf is high here. Even at 7:00 AM it is hot and by the end of our mile walk I look like I have just played two sets of tennis. (By the way there is a tennis club on Huahine but I have never seen or heard of anyone actually playing tennis here.)


Here is part of the reef. If I look very carefully and patiently I can often find some shells. Marilyn found the first one, an olive shell on this walk. The beach has lots of coral and other flotsam and jetsam.

Here is an abandoned fish camp. This is for my brother, Gary as I told him he needs to build one of these on his property in Covington, LA.
And here is the start of the walk. No one around except a truck that zipped by us on the upper beach delivering workers to the melon farm perhaps. We drove through Maeva on our way, passing the sacred marae and the fare potee (the site of my field study for the Museums program at Evergreen in 2006),

PS. I promise that I will stop changing the title of my blog.  I know it may have been a bit confusing and if you want to read a little more about the beach bum sobriquet, please see About or ask me about my green nail the next time you see me.

4 responses

  1. Walter (my fellow islomaniac): motus do have names but I am not sure if this one is called Oue or not. Yes, one can take photographs of the marae. Whenever I am here, I always think of the Islands class that led me to Huahine and of course of you, my most excellent TA. Sally

  2. Hi Sally! I like the fluid nature of your blog title. I don’t recall, but is it proper to photograph marae? Are the motu named? It is a chill 30 degrees here in Corvallis tonight, but with clear skies it will likely never produce the snow everyone wants. The warm sun and surf in your photos makes me jealous! Love to you and Marilyn. Always yours in Islomania, Walter Maenhout.

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