Small World

Today we were guests of Dorothy Levy on the Paul Gauguin. This was the first day of an 11 day cruise for the 250 tourists that included the Cook Islands, Bora Bora, Tahiti and Huahine. Dorothy was giving two talks on the life work of Bobby Holcomb and in particular his paintings (these reflect the mythology, ethos, and history of the island) as well as his legacy. Bobby was a musician and an artist and was a major force in the revival of Tahitian language study, culture, and design.

We are on the launch that will take us out to the Paul Gauguin. Dorothy gave me this head lei when we picked her up. The cruise ship is anchored in Maroe Bay. It is a rainy, windy day and not the best weather for the folks on board to explore much of Huahine.

Dorothy was my mentor when I taught the Museums program and I served as a docent at the Fare Potee under her wing.

Clearly, I adore her and am always very grateful to be in her orbit.

After her talk we were proceeding to the dining room to have luncheon with Dorothy and a few of the senior staff. We stopped in the boutique to look at jewelry and stepped into the hall. And who did we literally bump into?

20130113-171602.jpgYes, K.V. and Karen all the way from Olympia. We have known them for decades but never guessed we would stumble across them in Huahine. Small world, eh?

K.V. and Karen (never to be discouraged by a little rain) had already been snorkling in the lagoon this morning.

20130113-172702.jpgThere is nothing like listening to Dorothy talk about Bobby Holcomb or any other topic for that matter but here is a link to a website about Bobby’s work if you are interested.

5 responses

  1. finallly managed to see your web site. It is wonderful. Llyn is right, we do look healthy and we feel healthy. Kaye V

  2. That’s an idellible image. Marilyn must paint your portrait in that profile wearing the floral crown. Sally = Color. Take it all in. Enjoy your voyage!

  3. O what wonder on this planet spinning in space
    The radiance from faces near and far
    Such color shared In sun and wind and rain
    Small world yes, and our only one,
    But culture and history tells stories
    That last through the artists’ eye
    And go on forever and ever.

  4. Great photographs. Everybody looks healthy as heck! And happy. I JUST KNEW you would run into someone from here on the Paul visit. I knew it wouldn’t be Linda cause she was there a couple of years ago. But there you have it!!!!Sal, you look like a goddess at a Roman banquet. Ha ha. Glad you are having such a fabulous time.

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