Fakateretere | Blowing Wind

We have had a lot of rain this week but that does not keep us inside too long or even out of the water. Earlier we strolled up the beach to the new eco-resort, Lapita Village for lunch. On the way we passed this gal fishing for bait.

We had a nice lunch (Sally=tuna tartare in a vertical presentation; Marilyn=cheese burger avec frites). Here is a view of the rain-swept beach and pool area. Not many folks around.

Yesterday I had my first ukelele lesson with my teacher, Jimmy. It was a huge 90 minute session. I was dripping wet when we finished. Now I have a revised version of the instrumental, “Mahana” that I have been playing incorrectly for two years, a hula introduction and the song, “Fakateretere” to work on until next Wednesday.

Yesterday we also were invited to Marty’s for lunch. Eliza did the cooking. Roasted chickens from Argentina (!), lots of salads, LOTS of drinks, and other treats.

Eliza by Marilyn
We ate on Marty’s back terrace and were joined by Eliza’s tane, Koro, a policeman from Huahine. Here at the table are Eliza and Moe (with Marilyn’s arm).

Tomorrow we host a luncheon for somewhere between 8 and 10 women. We are serving grilled chicken oreganata, sfingune bread, a green bean, chick pea, and shallot salad, a cheese plate, and pineapple rum cocktails. Dorothy is bringing a potato salad. Marty is bringing desert as is Joan and Melanie (we think). Photographs to follow.

I better get cracking on the ukelele practice. I realized that this kind of musical study is just as good for the brain as language study. Since I am attempting both to some extent, my neural channels are getting a good workout.

I will close with a link to a performance of “Fakateretere” for your listening pleasure. One of these days I will post a video of myself and Jimmy (who by the way is as adept with Garage Band on the iPad and electronic music as with Tahitian instruments). He quickly arranged a scratch track with drums, and guitar as background for my version of “Mahana.”

Music Video: Gabilou

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  1. Sal & Marilyn,
    I just spent some time reviewing your blog. What an amazing place; ,and only one thing comes to mind, “Live the Life…” and enjoy. You both deserve it.
    Sue P

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