Marilyn’s Atelier (Studio)

Some of you have wondered what we do everyday in this lovely, tropical place. Well, here is a glimpse of what Marilyn is up to in Huahine. At some point in the morning she heads upstairs to her atelier on the mezzanine and begins to work. Her technique is the same as in her Westside studio in Olympia.

Of course, on Thomas Street there are no palm trees waving outside her second story window or the sound of waves crashing on the beach below (we are having a windy January) but still she uses the same materials, the same textures, and the same process.




Here are a few of the monotypes/drawings she has completed since we arrived. She thinks of this series as Pondering Soul .



20130127-181450.jpgAll images ©2013 Marilyn Frasca

In other news Cyclone Garry passed us by without event. Today was a glorious and sunny day. This morning we saw a pod of dolphins. Marilyn made a wonderful eggplant parmesan for a few friends (Dorothy, Marty and Moe). And we spent hours in the water. At the end of our swim we had a visit from a big manta ray. I am working on a short video piece and some day soon will post that for your delectation.

8 responses

  1. Alors! What beautiful colors both on your prints and out your windows! if you need un peu de gris, we’ve got plenty now that we’re back in the dear Northwest. I miss those tradewinds and salt water…but not the manta rays. Haouli makahiki hou!

  2. Beautiful, tell-tale images…smiled wide to see you walking home together, baguette and breakfast makings in hand, and the sea, and your guests and spontaneous meals with locals & folks off the boat. An enviable, peaceful respite. Marilyn’s stunning images, I just stare and stare. At this end: enjoyed show at SAM few weeks ago”ells:pompidou …women take over”, 100 years of women artists, big deal from Paris–moving, provocative, angry, stunning…the eras rolled by in the work. A lively, packed-house Righteous Mothers & Uncle Joe Bonsai concert at Traditions, and last night an important, intense documentary “The Invisible War” at Oly Film Fest. So, Olympia’s beat goes on! Thanks to you the SF Bakery wraps up an almond cake each time I’m off to friends.
    Janet and I still WWF buddies…she’s lifted the bar. Hey, hey to the dolphins. And big love to you. xxxx

  3. Les dessins sont de très beau parcours. J’adore le “studio”. Il doit se sentir si bon d’avoir une lumière vive et de l’air autour de vous pendant que vous travaillez. Je vous aime tant et commence à vous manquer. Je suis certain que le temps va passer vite.

    In short, beautiful and all. I am beginning to miss you and am certain time will fly by now….days much longer here and I actually accomplish things outdoors. All is good.

  4. The images are wonderful as, I suspect, was the eggplant parmesan. I wish that I was there with you enjoying both. It was great talking to you yesterday.



  5. I was just recalling Marilyn’s downtown studio of the late ’70s. Land of red wine, group critiques, great conversations, and those wonderful horizontal striped bay paintings. I love the improv digs with a good bit of window light in the tropics. Impressive to make such complex prints in that spot. Sally, though we’ve never met, I wanted to say that I loved your original title for the blog. It felt like every trip I’ve ever taken to blue watered places. Cheers to you both!
    Kathleen Clark
    P.S. a big hello to Susan A.

  6. Hi Darlin’s, Yes, Yes Yes to your life there and the images make me smile deeply- I’ve planted 20 palm trees and torn out the bamboo outside your Westside studio! somehow the heatlamp I’ve installed doesn’t do the trick. Love to you both. I especially like the Pondering Buddhaface and turkey….what magic you two are up to.
    Just snowshoed 6 miles at Mt. Rainer this weekend. Snow is nice too.

  7. Hi, Marilyn and Sally,
    The drawings are wonderful, and I’m enjoying reading the blog very much.
    love to you both,
    Susan A.

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