Yesterday Marilyn and I attended the service at the Protestant church in Fare.  I recorded the following himene with my iPhone.


I was completely shocked to realize during the recording that I actually knew this himene very well as I used a version of it in my film, moemoea. That rendition was sung by the Mamas of Huahine on a cruise ship in 2004, this one by the entire congregation.

Here are just a few photographs of some of the women who greeted us before and after the service.Two Friends

The Congregation

Here is Marilyn’s latest drawing, thinking of her nephew, Andrew and wishing him a safe journey home.Untitled

4 responses

  1. That himene reminds me of a softer and deeper Shapenote hymn or three. Counterpoint, deep versus sharp and clear, what a lot of texture and sostenuto.

    Like I know what “sostenuto” means.

    Thanks for this, it’s exquisite. What the iPhone can’t do, was operated by Filmmaker Sal, we don’t need.

  2. I just spent the afternoon in my studio listening to the soundtrack from Latcho Drom…your recording is the perfect segue from those songs. I am so happy to hear the local music from ” out there” in your world. The voices are angelic. This music transcends language. And Marilyn’s drawing has such protective power…her nephew is lucky to have such a stalwart in the family!
    Miss you,

  3. o, the voices from this other land around
    and through the waters, recorded and found
    their way into my kitchen where sound
    wakes something in my heart.
    i weep, i weep; something from the depths
    of the ocean; waves, the endless waves
    the voices from this other land find me
    and bless my day.

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