Some of you already know that I am partial to the head lei (and I even think I look cute in this although I always get a laugh or two when I wear it in public). So here we are in our Valentine hats.

M_ValentineHatS_Valentine Hat

This head lei was for sale at a table in Fare. Also, for sale was a marvelous and huge bouquet, and two leis. Marty says that there will be some Valentine buffets tonight at Lapita and Mahi Mahi but we stayed home and had an Indian dinner (Grilled tuna, Indian style, curried cauliflower, raita and brown rice) followed by those infinitely satisfying Bounty ice cream bars.

The sun is setting on this lovely day. I cannot resist a few Huahine sunsets. These were taken at the same time, looking in two different directions.

sunset 1sunset 2

Before I turn in tonight, I will spend more time with my ukelele. I have added another class each week with my new coupine, Edna.  She has all the Tahitian strums down and knows the songs; I have more experience but as Jimmy says, we have to stay “humble.” SalPractice

Happy Valentines Day, everyone. Bisous from us in the south seas.

6 responses

  1. On Kingston ferry yesterday a woman was getting a Ike lesson with ukelele mike. Both had handsome Oscar Schmidt ukes with beautiful cases. Hers was signed by one of those fab and famous uke players. You both look great in your floral wreaths. Off for the Friday walk and olympia’s old time music fest!

  2. you both look totally awesome in your super cool head leis! Happy Valentine’s Day… a few hours late… 🙂

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both as well….your photos with headgear are my new visions of Shakti and Lakshmi….both Goddesses of health, wealth, fortune, peace and ukelele strumming!
    Judith xoxo

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