Camus on the Beach


Where Ever I Go,  the hermit crab film that we have been working on for a few weeks.

This is another production that utilized “desert island media” constraints.  We know that iMovie ’08 was not designed for foley work or a very elaborate edit structure, but we persevered.  This is Marilyn’s and my first collaboration since Keeping A Balance (1987).  Let’s hope for many more.  And now for the production stills:

1. Frederique Perrone prepares to voice the hermit crab.

Fred 2

2. Sally shoots this one “on the veranda.”

Sal Cam

3. Our star takes a break between takes.
4. Sally edits in her Huahine production suite.


5.  And finally, Marilyn provides the finishing touches with her deft work as a foley artist.

Foley Artist 1

I have uploaded a smaller version this time for all my friends in the South Pacific or other places where  internet connection speeds are slower.  If you are having trouble viewing this, just be patient. It will eventually load.

5 responses

  1. Frederique really took the perfect tone and spoke at just the loveliest speed for her character. What an actrice. She is even better at voiceover than she is at Tahitian dance. Shoulda won the Oscar for this. Terrible oversight.

  2. Great….I love it…the sound is just right as is the voice of the crab…sort of Piaf on the beach…great close-ups…how did you do that?

  3. I take such great pleasure from watching this short film….wonderful collaboration! The chanteuse, the sound art, the camera work and especially the gorgeous actress! This little crab wears her wardrobe to perfection. You all win the award for living a rich life! As the poet Mary Oliver has written:

    Pay Attention
    Be Astonished
    Tell about it.

    Thank you for telling me about it!
    Judith xoxo

  4. Ha! Magnifique.Coup de chapeau à Frédérique. Très crédible.Le crabe a pris la direction ainsi.
    Definitely four stars. Plus. Plus.

  5. REALLY WONDERFUL–what a fine little crab!!

    hey I can sing LA VIE EN ROSE for you when you get lonely for Huahine

    much love, meanderthal Tuatha de Danaan!!

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