Blue, bleu, ninamu

The color blue (bleu, ninamu) has certainly been a theme and a presence over the past two months. And now for me blue is a wistful feeling when I know it is time to leave. As Dorothy said, “you’ve been here two months but it’s like toilet paper-when you get to the end of the roll, it goes real fast!” Marilyn and I have been finishing some work or in my case shooting more video that will be edited at home (enough already of my “desert island media” style). So what follows are a few instances of blue.

First some production stills.
1. I creep along on the motu after shooting a long, hand-held shot of our favorite motu walk.


2. I shoot more time lapse with my iPhone. The skies prepare me for the shift from blue to grey that is inevitable.

When I was shooting a large series of time lapse scenes yesterday after a heavy thunder storm, a Tahitian named Smith wandered by and said, “little camera on big tripod.” I told him about time lapse and that it was an iPhone. He said, “no wonder so expensive.” I wish I could say we had that conversarion in a combination of French and Tahitian but thankfully, he speaks perfect English.

Here is just a little a snippet, shot, edited and processed by the iPhone. The sound is sampled from Gretchen Langheld’s composition, Samburo Dance, inspired by her trip to Aftrica but equally suited to lagoon life.

And yesterday Marilyn made this image as a gift for me. It is a drawing of the sacred mountain, Mou’a Tapu with some marae in front.


2 responses

  1. I love your examination of the color blue. I, too, have been intrigued with this color and how hugely it impacts our lives. In Rebecca Solnit’s essay “The Blue of Distance” she writes that we always come back to the color blue…as memory, emotion and artistic symbolism representing the gap between here and there. She reminds us that this light (second shortest wave length in the spectrum) will never reach us or touch us or travel the whole distance to us…yet it gives us the beauty of the world.
    So, dear friends, even though you are leaving there and coming here, the blue of longing will follow you home… where there is much beauty to behold.

    J xoxo

  2. Awe-struck, Sally, by yours and Marilyn’s images, by the beauty, and by the wonder of you’re being there, together, for two months. Living, living. xxxooo

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