I’m a “pata pata fata”

Okay, in my ukelele journey I have learned a bit of pata pata (melody line with some tremolo) although I am sadly lacking in the consistent use of tahiri (a good Tahitian, syncopated strum).  Edna, ma copine has told me that I am a “pata pata fata” which is a show off who insists on playing the melody! As my grandmother Tess always said, “large tail our cat has.”

You fata
Well, we always knew that, didn’t we?

We had an impromptu practice session last Saturday, joined by Lovina and Marty.  I am wearing my new dress that Marty made  for me. Tres jolie, eh?  Uke practice

And then we were so hot that we had to go for a swim.  Lovina organized a big Ma’a Tahiti lunch for Sunday so that Marilyn and I could really taste all the traditional Tahitian foods.  It was quite a spread. Moe has prepared the breadfruit (Uru). MoeUru1Uhu2

Here we are, all sated after a feast of four kinds of fish, two kinds of poisson cru, patates, uru, crab, po’e and more.


After lunch we take a walk to look at Lovina’s property and her other houses. walkLovina

At the back house we viewed the lily ponds.  There are eels down there! Eeek.eelsbelow

As the “days dwindle down to a precious few,” Marilyn and I still have some projects to complete.  I have a list.  Visit to Huahine Iti for another snorkel. Check. Make some jewelry. Check.   Make more drawings. Check. Paint more frames for my abstract animation project:

animateBut soon we will fly away home.  What a marvelous time.

Still image from animation project. ©2013 Beach Bum With A Camera

5 responses

  1. I love all these colorful stories and am so happy you have shared them with all of us! I really have to laugh at the pata pata fata…I know a few of these cats all too well myself! Don’t be sad about leaving….just put all those beautiful colors, sounds, smells, tastes, warmth and love in a bottle… cork the top…and carry them home. Wishing you and M Godspeed….
    Love, Judith
    ps Hint: Keep a sweater (down coat preferable) in your carryon luggage so it is at the ready for arrival at SEA!

  2. Sally I’ve always known you as a “ukee flukee data” (daughter) with a Bostonian accent. I love the pictorial adventure you shared with all of us. What glorious land, what lovely people. I toast you both for the sunshine you bring. Love ya!

  3. Pata pata fata sounds like something nice you might do to your elderly dog. While saying it. I love Tahitian.
    I envy you so much going for another snorkel at Huahine Iti. Oh that place. You must exude love for that place from me, would you? Let all the sponges and corals know that I have continued to love them.
    And watch out for them eels. EEEEEE! big loves, S

  4. This is a lovely entry, Sal. I felt like I was there with you, a little. When are you two home? I’ll be in your ‘hood March 22-30. Maybe we can get together? xoxox CC

  5. Ha! Pata pata fata. I’ve never had a name for why I had to quit uke lessons. Now I do. Ha ha. Beautiful friends, beautiful food, beautiful times. I am so happy for you! I hope we can be equally colorful, gracious, and appealing as you settle back into life here. Much love.

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