The Original Beach Bum

We have arrived safely back home.  Clearly, it was such a good trip.  As I close out this chapter of the Beach Bum With A Camera blog, I want to acknowledge the original beach bum, Janet Cloninger who visited Huahine on our first trip in 2004. 109_0922

Here she is on the veranda (and before the fence was installed by the owner). My mother clearly favors the head lei just like her daughter.  She continues to be an intrepid traveler and I have inherited that quality directly from her.  She also introduced me to the art of shell collecting, sunset gazing, beach walking and floating in the sea in our early family trips to Florida.  I took on this blog project especially for her so that she would have a glimpse of our adventures at a place that she loved as well.  Amazingly, my little blog has had over 2700 hits thus far.  I thank you all for joining us in our 2013 Huahine adventure.  I will post some of the ongoing projects  in the future including my animated film, some new music and  more of Marilyn’s drawings made during our trip. So stay tuned. À bientôt, j’espère.

5 responses

  1. Beautiful picture, Sally.. Isn’t wonderful to be inspired by our mothers? Welcome home and hope to see you soon!

  2. Janet is so beautiful. She carries it with her, even to places which make us all beautiful. Thanks Sal.

  3. Sally, what a glorious photo of Janet. The calm and beauty of all you’ve shown us, during your trip, is captured in her eyes. You’ve made your mother proud and I as well!
    Love to both you and Marilyn. Your sister, Diane

  4. thank you for sharing for your lives
    lived full in collecting and recollecting
    shells and sun, sea and sky.
    and your mother –– precious and beautiful,
    slow walking and looking down at the sand,
    precious remnants in her hand.

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